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Transitioning from Permit Compliance to Wastewater Excellence
In this 90-minute webinar, the speaker will discuss low-cost opportunities for improving nutrient removal generally exist but often aren’t implemented for various reasons.
Operators, utility managers, regulators and design engineers are invited to join the speaker in overcoming these barriers and exploring opportunities for optimizing nutrient removal in wastewater treatment plants.
Among the strategies for implementing operational solutions to be discussed are the following:
(1) embracing “wastewater excellence” as a management strategy as contrasted to traditional, conservative “permit compliance”
(2) exploring well-intended regulatory policies and procedures that discourage operators from making operational changes
(3) finding funds for “pennies on the dollar” operational improvements
A facilitated discussion of the opportunities and barriers to implementation will be led by the speaker.
Participants will be encouraged to comment and ask questions throughout the webinar.


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Grant Weaver