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Improve Indoor Air and Breathe Healthier Air in Houses of Worship & Other Facilities
This webinar will focus on how Houses of Worship can improve and protect the indoor air of their worship centers and facilities, to make the indoors safe and healthy for members of the faith communities and those working in faith facilities. The webinar will include a discussion on effective ways to improve indoor air quality, including reducing indoor pollutants such as mold, safer chemical use and integrated pest management, as well as the importance of outdoor air, ventilation and other topics. There will be up to 60 minutes of presentation and at least 30 minutes of Q and A for participants to engage with the presenters.

• Cristina Schulingkamp, Environmental Engineer, Partnership and Grants Division, Air and Radiation Division, EPA Region 3

• Laura Boyette, Life Scientist, Partnership and Grants Branch, Air and Radiation Division, EPA Region 3

• Reverend Zach Hopple, Pastor, Christ United Methodist Church, Lansdale, PA (Welcome & Introductions)

The following are some additional EPA resources created to support faith communities in their efforts to address environmental and public health concerns: EPA Resources for the Faith Community, Supporting Healthy Houses of Worship Guide, ENERGY STAR Action Workbook for Congregations, Portfolio Manager - Facility Performance Tracking Tool. ENERGY STAR is a voluntary, no-cost program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which offers tools, training and technical support to help congregations reduce their costs for energy and water.


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